This site is dedicated to helping people quickly prepare for various situations and environments.

I know the lists are sort of "old school"; I am using ReStructuredText to write them so they work in printed form too. This means unfortunately that it is not easy to embed photographs with each link, because the markup is not specific to HTML, and must be printable and convertible to text too. Maybe one day.


This is the most practical "preparation" for most people; after all, you might never go to Burning Man, and you will probably never need a "bug-out bag", but this is stuff you'll use every day.

My needs are a bit different, as I drink a lot of water and tend to run "hot" due to a fast metabolism and living in a hot and humid climate. If you are similar, perhaps this will help you.

Everday Wear/Carry Shopping List

Bug-Out Bag

This is your 72-hour bag for surviving a minor catastrophe, or "bugging out" from an unsafe location to a safe one (such as from a city to a farm during the zombiepocalypse).

Bug-Out Bag

Burning Man

Burning Man is a great example of a extreme weather desert environment; it has a high diurnal temperature variation (day-to-night), with highs of 100 deg F and lows of 40 deg F. Humidity is very low.

Burning Man Shopping List


In ecology, crypsis is the ability of an organism to avoid observation or detection by other organisms. It may be either a predation strategy or an antipredator adaptation, and methods include camouflage, nocturnality, subterranean lifestyle, transparency, and mimicry.

Crypsis is one of the most cost-effective defense strategies. Consider the low cost of simply blending in, or appearing like you have no money when going through poor neighborhoods.

In that vein, check out: