Bug Out Bag

A/K/A the 72-hour bag.

Everything is grouped into labelled Zip-Loc freezer bags.

I usually pack my stuff with the least likely to use, least critical, or to use last, in the least accessible place. So, entrenching tool, restraints, radio, manual, water filter and so on... at the bottom of the pack, with clothes and towel, and most importantly, light, up top. One could also argue for urgency and operational expediency, so have restraints up top.


These two go together:

  1. MOLLE USGI rucksack, complete
  2. Camelbak Thermobak Omega 3L

Or, you could get the Camelbak BFM:

  1. Camelbak BFM

    The most space and water capacity available.

Base Layer

  1. 2x Ex Officio Give-And-Go black boxer briefs

    These are high-quality briefs.

  2. Scottevest Boxer Briefs

    Though they run rather large, these briefs are the best travel underwear I have owned. Loose fitting (no chafing), secret pockets, and easy to wash, they work great.

  3. 2x Champion moisture-wicking athletic "no-show" socks

  4. 3x Under Armour Shortsleeve UA Tech T-Shirt Tops (green, brown, sand)


  1. 2x white cotton handkerchiefs


  1. 2x rolls of quarters
  2. Some cash
  3. Roosevelt silver dimes ("junk silver"), 90% silver bullion - try E-Bay


Because you really don't want to hurt people, right?

  1. Smith & Wesson Hinged Handcuffs and Leg Cuffs


  1. Rothco paracord, camo, 100'
  2. Duck Brand Tape, camo, 10'
  3. black electrician's tape
  4. Gorilla Brand Tape, Thick and Wide


  1. Scottevest Convertible Travel Pants, Olive
  2. Dry-Lite Sea to Summit Microfiber Towel, XL, Eucalyptus
  3. Chill-Its Dew Rag, Camo
  4. Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel, Sand


  1. Duke Dri-Duke Moisture Control ThermaForm Thermal Hood (Tan), Style 62HD
  2. AFU Trousers, (Trousers Men's Utility, Air Force Camouflage Pattern SPM1C1-07-D-0008)
  3. AFU Coat, (Coat, Ripstop, Men's Utility, Air Force Camouflage Uniform SPM1C1-07-D-0009)
  4. AFU Parka, All-Purpose Camouflage, Large (CRC 204 5280)
  5. DSCP Green Socks - Contract SPM1C110D1054 - Style 1AC (eliminates odor, regulates temperature, transports moisture, blister-resistant, anti-static)
  6. Altama Sage Green Boots, Style 8577
  7. Specopsbrand Better BDU Belt
  8. Cap, Utility, Camouflage Pattern, Air Force SPM1C1-10-D-N032, 8415-01-536-4221


  1. Mitchum Power Gel Anti-perspirant (Can use every other day!)
  2. Men's Travel Kit comb, toothbrush & paste, disposable razor
  3. Bar soap
  4. Portable Soap Dish
  5. Moist Towelettes
  6. Fresh Bath Body Wipes, 3 Packs of 8


  1. Civilian MRE (Sopacko or Apack)
  2. 2 Caffeinated Cliff Bars (Cool Mint Chocolate)
  3. 3 Cliff Bars
  4. 1 Pack of Nicotine Gum
  5. 1 Pack of Extra Sugar-Free Gum
  6. 10 "Energy Sheets"
  7. Potable Aqua Iodine Tablets


  1. Baofeng UV/3R 3-band HAM radio


  1. Nylon hammock (was white and yellow; I dyed it with purple dye and now it's Green and Black)
  2. Inflatable Travel Pillow
  3. USGI 4-Piece Modular Sleep System (Survivable down to -40 deg F)


  1. Magnesium & Flint Firestarter
  2. Waterproof Matches
  3. Bic Lighter


  1. Petzl Tikka XP Tactical Headlamp
  2. Mini Maglite LED, ACU, 2x AA
  3. Glowstick
  4. Survival Flashlight and Radio, Solar, Hand Crank


  1. Wikireader
  2. Travel Alarm


  1. Manual Chain Saw in Carrying Case
  2. Chinese Military Shovel / Multi-Tool
  3. Tritium Lensatic Compass


  1. Green Fairshare Collapsible Camping Mug, Large
  2. Extra Ziploc Bags
  3. Army FM 21-76 "Survival Evasion & Escape"
  4. KA-Bar Black Tactical Tanto Knife 2-1245-1 with Hard Sheath
  5. Emergency Rain Poncho

Desert Pack

  1. 1 Civilian MRE (Sopacko or Apack)
  2. Scottevest Convertible Travel pants, khaki
  3. REI white Ex-Officio Air Strip Lite shirt instead
  4. Sunblock SPF 70+
  5. Mitchum Power Gel Anti-perspirant Spare
  6. Rothco Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf, Tan
  7. Rider dust mask

Woods/Artic Pack

  1. 1 Civilian MRE (Sopacko or Apack)
  2. Insect Repellant
  3. Thermal Underwear, Black, Top & Bottom
  4. Long Black Athletic Socks
  5. Propper Tactical Pants, Black
  6. Hard Knuckle Gloves
  7. 4-in-1 Balaclava
  8. Thermal sleeping bag


  1. Katadyn Hiker Pro water filter
  2. Ultralight Stove & Hexamine Fuel